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A Good “About Us” Helps in Branding

While an 'About Us' may not be the primary focus of visitors to your site, creating an informative and interesting one can prove to be advantageous to your website's success.

Developers and designers tend to focus on the aesthetics of a website design, how products are displayed for optimum visual effect and the overall flow, it is just as important to ensure those seemingly 'extra' pages are every bit as effective at drawing your visitor's interest. 

In an era where a website's brand success hinges on creating a deeper connection with people, being consistent in the message they delivers, representing themselves favorably and being willing to share their history is crucial.

Paying close attention to the content featured on your 'About Us' page can start you on your way to successfully getting your brand across to your visitors.

The elements of a good 'About Us' page may include the following:

1. Address their reason for visiting your website
People choose to visit your website over others for a particular reason. Being in touch with your visitors needs will help you provide the information/products they are seeking. Using a freelance web designer as an example, consider what your visitor's purpose is in coming to your website. Is it important to them to know something of your background and work history, or are they focused more on your work? Potential clients of web designers give all of these aspects of your website importance when deciding whether to hire you to work for them. While being suitably qualified and experienced is important, in the final analysis personality, empathy and understanding of their particular needs could be the deciding factors between choosing you over another web designer of equal capability. In a creative field, developing a connection with your potential client should be put at the forefront of your priorities.

2. Using the right voice
The voice you use on your website needs to match your clientele. Using the freelance web designer example as above, if your client base primarily consists of corporate personnel it is important to express yourself in a way that is familiar to them. Don't fill your 'About Us' page with frivolous information that only of interest to your close friends and family members. Remain professional.

3. Make your 'About Us' page a sales-free zone
Use your 'About Us' page to build a rapport with your potential clients / customers. This is not the space to feature products and / or services. Reveal your personality, tell your story and relate to them as much as possible through your written expression. Show you care about your visitors and that your aim is to provide what they have come seeking from your website.

4. Express your individuality and personality through the use of great images
Put a face to the name. Give your visitors great images of your work, business premises and even of yourself. Being able to relate to the person behind the website via a picture of you further helps you to build a good relationship with them. Select images that will improve your brand.

5. Provide testimonials
If you have built up a portfolio of happy and satisfied customers, ask them to write a testimonial for you. Your future clients / customers will find you more credible when they can read of how you satisfactorily addressed previous customer's requirements with efficiency and creativity. Don't forget the immense power word of mouth marketing has.

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