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A User-Friendly Website that Search Engines Love

“Build a website and they will come”, is certainly not the way things work online. These days running a business website is one of the most indispensable facets in the life of an organization. A good site is a rewarding aftermath of several imperative elements encompassing navigation, design, content and functionality. To reach the target market, you need to make your website user-friendly. Thus, it is vital for every business to have an intuitive, impressive and engaging website that will immensely improve its performance, coax more prospects and augment sales for its business. Here are a few tips to create a friendly website.

1) Do not ignore mobile
Nowadays millions of people across the globe search for information on their mobiles. So make sure your website is optimized for mobile traffic to entice potential customers. Design your website for all mobile devices, ranging from small phones to giant living-room huge flat screens. Every business needs to adapt to reach these smart phone users efficiently with a globally recognized design. One of the best strategies for building websites include responsive sites. These are the best bet for most of the businesses. These frameworks are simple ways to arrange elements in a grid and then move that grid based on different screen sizes.

2) Clean Website
Representing your business with a professional and clean website is the key to connect with your target audience. Nonintrusive and clean page layouts, stylist fonts, attractive colors and alignment choices work together to enhance your user experience and build customer trust in your business. The most effective designs make use of fluidity, open space and simple organization to connect with the users. Every component including graphics, color elements, work spacing etc should be carefully considered. The visitors should be able to track their requirements. Advertisements may impede your visitors, but if these are a must, then consider native.

3) Content
This is the most critical factor persuading users stick around your website. Delivering content that is interactive, easy to read and fresh, is the stepping stone to making your site more customer friendly. Most of the users only skin through the content instead of reading the whole of it. Thus, keeping the paragraphs short, readable and understandable will help the users digest the content faster. Correct use of sub headings, headings, lists or bullets will help them promptly explore what they need.

4) Improve Navigation
Effective navigation implies straightforward navigation. Having a clutter free and clear navigation is a great way to make your site friendly to the visitors. You must also make sure that the layouts are simple so that the visitors can easily discover their options to navigate through the website. The best place to locate the navigation is at the left hand side or top of the website. Also, the search bar and the website match is a decent move to help visitors spot the pages easily.

5) Speed
Time management is imperative and once visitors land on your page, they are very impatient to get their job done. Hence, make sure your website loads within 6 seconds. This greatly impacts your search engine ranking as well. Google reviews your page speed, thus speed it up!

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