Google Shuts the Door to the Complaint Department

Google came out swinging on Wednesday when they hit the press with news of their new search algorithm, Hummingbird. Reporters and social media insiders did not even have time to pick their jaws up off the floor, when Google turned around and surprised them with quick left by informing the already shocked crowd that Hummingbird has been fully operational since last month. Hummingbird is the brain child of Larry Page and Sergy Brin, the Stanford alumni that originated the page ranking system, which...

How to Speed up Your Website Easily

It is a well known fact that almost 75% users would prefer to log onto a website that loads within a span of 4 seconds or even lesser time, and this is one reason why having a website that loads fast is very important. Statsitics show that smartphone users prefer websites that load in 3 seconds, and another factor that stresses the importance of having a fast website is that Google itself favors high speed loading in its search engine rankings. In today's web design era,...

email marketing

Better Practices on Your Email Marketing Campaign

Undoubtedly recognized as the oldest and most successful Internet marketing technique, email marketing consists of promoting offers, generating leads and advertising to a targeted audience through sending an email or series of email messages. Email marketing affords you the opportunity to build your brand and reach a wider market.

One of the common pitfalls marketers face is not optimizing a series of email templates that will be viewable in the recipients inbox. Without the correct formatting and proper structure you run the risk of undermining...

About Us

A Good “About Us” Helps in Branding

While an 'About Us' may not be the primary focus of visitors to your site, creating an informative and interesting one can prove to be advantageous to your website's success.

Developers and designers tend to focus on the aesthetics of a website design, how products are displayed for optimum visual effect and the overall flow, it is just as important to ensure those seemingly 'extra' pages are every bit as effective at drawing your visitor's interest. 

In an era where a website's brand success hinges on creating a...

Web Design Mistakes People Often Make

Web Design Mistakes People Often Make

When planning out your websites design you should keep in mind that simple is always the best route to take if you want people to stay on your site. Often, web design ends up being less user-friendly because designers want to add too many different elements or the layout of it distracts visitors or confuses them. There are several web design mistakes that are made by creators that you should try to avoid at all costs.

For instance, one popular mistake is the idea that you should...