Web Design Mistakes People Often Make

Web Design Mistakes People Often Make

When planning out your websites design you should keep in mind that simple is always the best route to take if you want people to stay on your site. Often, web design ends up being less user-friendly because designers want to add too many different elements or the layout of it distracts visitors or confuses them. There are several web design mistakes that are made by creators that you should try to avoid at all costs.

For instance, one popular mistake is the idea that you should create an eye-catching website by adding animations and other graphics. Admittedly, people may enjoy the view of spinning icons and sparkly animations, but they will not be focusing on what they should; your product.

Graphics are fun to look at and you can use some if you want to but if you add too much of it you cross the line into a web design that doesn't look professional and this will most likely cause you lose sales. Your graphics should relate only to your product or service. This will keep the visitor focused on the reason they are visiting your site in the first place.

Another common mistake that is often done and complicates things is multi-paged website designs. This can make your site load slow and if it's not user-friendly people will go to another site. Keep it streamlined. Delete pages if you need to rather than continue to just add them. If all of your products can't fit on one page, use categories for different pages so the person visiting your site doesn't have to go through 20 pages to find what they want.

If you do need a website design with multiple pages make sure you keep the navigation buttons simple and easy to find. Hidden links in images or icons may be fun to play with but visitors to your site may miss finding what they want. Your buttons should remain consistent and easy to understand from one page to the next throughout all your pages. If the links are at the top of your home page, make sure you keep them at the top of the page.

You should also keep in mind that all important information should be easy to find. According to research, 50% of web sales are lost due to the site design not allowing them to find the information they want with ease. You may want to have important information that your visitor may want be the first thing they see such as on the homepage or you can create a simple link to all important information and make sure that it doesn't get buried in your site design to ensure that the impatient web browsers who visit your website won't leave before they find what they want.

For instance, if you want visitors to be able to contact you or if you have a product that needs to have shipping information/costs added to the price in checkout; make sure this information is easily accessible. A simple link to a FAQ or something where they can find all information will get you a lot further with the visitors to your site.

If you avoid complication in your website design you will see much better results from your visitors and they may even return to you when they need your product or service again. Keep it simple and easy to understand. By avoiding common mistakes in website design your sales will potentially double!

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