You Need a Facebook Page for Your Business

Regardless of the size of your business, facebook is the top social platform you need to include in your marketing campaign. Consumers nowadays search for products and services online, even on facebook since most local businesses are on facebook. Facebook not only has the largest number of registered users you can market your brand to, but has a number of valuable features you can implement to market your business effectively.

To market your business on facebook, you first need to create a business homepage, to act like your online networking site. The business homepage is not much different from the conventional facebook profile page, the only difference is that the business profile will be for promoting your brand and not personal.

The business page is where you will connect and interact with prospective customers; you therefore need to ensure that the page is not only attractive and professional, but effectively mirrors your brand or business.

Many people create their business profile and leave it at that, no matter how attractive your business profile is, you need to go further and connect with your facebook friends. Facebook has a great tool called Build Audience, which you can find on your profile’s Admin Menu. Admin Menu makes it possible to invite friends to your facebook page and your people in your email contacts who have the option of following your facebook page.

To get more following on facebook, you need to use other ways to advertise your facebook page. For instance is you have a website, you can provide a link back to your profile page. To entice people to like your facebook page, you can provide a good call to action or promise an offer such as free updates, coupons, free samples etc.

Your followers will move on very quickly to your competitor if they see no value from liking or having you as a friend on facebook. People want value. With this in mind, you need to keep your audience engaged. You can do this by posting valuable content on your page that your followers find likeable and sharable. Providing your followers with great content regularly will lead to more likes, comments, and shares. This will lead to more followers and consequently more sales.

There are other ways of engaging with your followers besides posting great content. You can give offers such as coupons. You can use the Facebook Offer tool to create redeemable coupons for your followers to use when buying your products or services.

Creating Facebook Ad’s is one of the best ways to market your business on facebook. Facebook provides the ad creation tool together with the monitoring tool to monitor the effectiveness of your ads. You have to pay for the ad/s creation tool, the price is however very small. You can specify how much you actually can afford to pay for the ad(s). Facebook gives you the option of choosing the target audience of your ads, their physical location etc.

Facebook provides a simple, effective, and affordable way to promote your business to millions of users worldwide. When marketing your business on facebook, you need to keep in mind that facebook is majorly about relationship marketing. You therefore need to be patient to see the benefits. Your initial main aim should be to attract and retain a loyal following you can do business together long term.

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