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In this digital communication era, being able to manage own website content is making CMS website design an increasingly popular choice for businesses with their website projects.

For a business to have its own official website, although a move in the right direction , is just not enough. Website content needs to be current, inform customers and visitors of any special offers, contain latest news about services and products, as well as provide a clear idea of your business focus. Meeting such challenges associated with keeping a website current can be achieved with CMS website desgin. There are many advantages to businesses choosing CMS websites to address their website development needs.

How A CMS Website Works

Various benefits and advantages of CMS website design

Full Control
Having direct control over your CMS website content, which allows a business to customize the theme and appearance of their CMS website design to suit their business image.

Fresh Contents
CMS Website content can be regularly updated to reflect the current business environment, and to inform customers of current news, products and services. Search engines look favorably upon CMS website content that is regularly updated and CMS websites that are kept fresh and will therefore send more traffic.

High Flexibility
CMS websie has the flexibility to allow the website design to be modified without impacting the structure of the existing CMS website content.

Template Design
CMS website design that can be customized in template style. Due to CMS websites being template-based, businesses can engage a developer to create a unique CMS website design template that is specific to their business.

Global Access
CMS website is beneficial for World-wide user administration. CMS website content can be updated by administrator or content contributor from any location around the world, allowing the input of different ideas and thoughts. This can lead to an increase in traffic, which in turn to be resulted in a better search engine rankings for your CMS website and individual web pages.

Interactive Communication
CMS websites can be customized to allow interaction with customers and visitors through online forums, discussions groups, email and the like, in a user-friendly manner. This encourage a better relationships with your customers and visitors to improve their satisfaction with your company. It is also resulted in a higher traffic flow to your cms website, increase of rankings in search engines and growth for your business.

Database Driven
High security for data storage is one of the main priorities of CMS website design. Protecting your CMS website from attacks by hackers and viruses is achieved through filters and restrictions placed on access to information.

Search Engine Friendly
CMS websites are not only search engine optimization friendly but also looked upon favorably by search engines. There is a wide range of effective plugins available for your CMS website design to assist with SEO ranking of your website.

Information Auto-Feeder
Visitors and customers can take advantage of the really simple syndication (RSS) feeds are automatically generated in a CMS website. They will be able to access your latest posts and comments via RSS feeds.

Great Savings in Time and Money
CMS websites allow businesses to save both time and money in the way of providing the latest info online, and interaction with the target group of audience, which is the biggest advantage of having a CMS website.

CMS website platforms stay ahead of other web development platforms, in part due to many of the advantages as outlined above. Now that you have a good understanding of how CMS website can benefit your business and to improve your business ROI.

Some CMS Functional Features

Content Management

With the embeded online editor, it is easy to create the page content such as text, link, images, and videos like using the desktop MS word.

Rotating Banner

Image files to be updated and named for the rotating banners. It is easy to add link for each of the banner to link with internal or external page.

Photo Gallery

Manage an unlimited number of image gallery categories. Image description able to be apply to each image.

News Update

Site admin able to update the latest news content with the images and videos. Past news will be archived.

Newsletter Subscription

Site admin to create the newsletter content with promotion banner updates. A sending facility is integrated within for newsletter delivery.

Promotion Management

A list of promotion to be listed on the promotion listing page. Admin able to upload the additional documents in PDF or JPG format for customer to download


  • 10-Page Web Design
  • jQuery Rotating Banner
  • Customized Interface Design
  • Interactive Navigation Menu
  • 1 Enquiry Form
  • Embeded Google Map
  • Self-Update Functions:
  • 1.Unlimited Pages, 2.Latest News, 3.Newsletter Subscription


  • 20-Page Web Design
  • jQuery Rotating Banner
  • Customized Interface Design
  • Interactive Navigation Menu
  • 1 Enquiry Form
  • Embeded Google Map
  • Self-Update Functions:
  • 1.Unlimited Pages, 2.Latest News, 3.jQuery Banner,
    4.Newsletter Subscription, 5.Photo Gallery
    6.Product Catalog

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